About Us

We are an environment friendly company and try our best to comply with the environmental regulations of Ontario, by safely handling and disposing of hazardous wastes.  We specialize in barbeque service and have over 7 years of experience in bringing you expert service in Toronto and in the GTA.

There are many brands and types of grilling and barbeque systems at BBQ experts we offer you the services you need by trained professionals. No matter what the make or model of your BBQ is, parts can be custom made for your BBQ. We have the expertise and experience to provide your barbeque the attention it needs so that you can go back to enjoying barbequing with your loved ones.

Barbequing is a growing and very popular method of everyday cooking and entertaining in Toronto. There are many ways to BBQ or grill, such as, charcoal briquettes, gas, wood and smoke. At BBQ experts we have a passion for barbeques and grills. We know how important it is to have the perfect grill, in the perfect environment. When your grill is not working up to your standards it can be frustrating and disappointing but with BBQ experts you can rest assured your barbeque will be up to standard and will assist you rather than interfere with your grilling plans. A properly functioning barbeque will allow you to smoke, bake or braise and it will provide endless hours of pleasure and in order for your barbeque to function at its best, we recommend regular maintenance and cleaning.

Note: we can supply you with any parts or supplies you may need.

Safety is also a very important part of grilling and should be regarded as part of the barbequing process. Make sure your barbeque is in tip-top shape. Whether you are a seasonal or a year-round griller, you will require our services to assure your barbeque is working at its best and safest capacity. When a barbeque is not clean or is malfunctioning it can be very dangerous and pose as a great hazard to you, your family and friends. All grills, flavour bars, burners, ignitors, gas hoses, and other BBQ parts should be free of rust and holes and must be maintained over time to prevent any unexpected occurrences or functional interruptions.

We are the best BBQ experts in Toronto and in the GTA and we guarantee that by choosing us for your barbeque and grill maintenance, you will have a secure, satisfying and enjoyable grilling experience. Don’t waste time with costly and dangerous do-it-yourself options or unreliable, unknowledgeable general maintenance companies. Our focus is on barbeque, making us experts in our field and giving us the confidence to assure you that we can help you with your barbeque needs.

We offer barbeque cleaning, maintenance and repair services and are available to answer all of your questions and requests, all you have to do is call us today!  

at 1-855-700-8485