Over time, your grill will accumulate grease and burnt particles on the grilling surfaces and throughout the inner portions of the barbeque. Also, with so many seasonal changes in Toronto and in the GTA, dirt, leaves, bugs etc. can end up on and around your barbeque, even with barbeque covers and storage spaces. We specialize in barbeque cleaning and will come to your door with all the supplies and tools necessary to get your barbeque clean and ready for grilling. Your barbeque functions best when it is clean and it is also a better way to grill preventing clogging and other maintenance or repair issues (I think could take out). Having your barbeque cleaned periodically will keep your barbeque ready for all your grilling occasions and it will help prevent costly repairs or replacements. Like anything, keeping your barbeque clean will maintain the longevity of your barbeque and also keep the appearance and general function up to standard. We make sure your BBQ is thoroughly cleaned by firstly taking it apart and inspecting it. Followed by the necessary steps of cleaning it which includes degreasing, polishing and testing of the BBQ. We use power tools and non-toxic green solvents, products used to protect your BBQ from rust. And in compliance with our environment friendly policy all waste is properly disposed from the site.