Your BBQ has many working parts which all need to be maintained from time to time. Grills, flavour bars, burners, ignitors, gas hoses, drip pans, and warming racks or baskets are all part of a barbeque ‘s functionality and may need to be replaced or repaired. This is why annual cleanings and safety inspections are extremely recommended.  As experts in our field we specialize in assembly and disassembly and are familiar with all the parts and pieces that make your barbeque work well. Maintaining your barbeque is vital to the safety of your cooking experience and will also help to prevent costly repairs and replacement. We take the time to make sure every part of your barbeque is working well no matter the brand, style or condition of your barbeque. Moreover, we use tools and products according to the BBQ`s material and design.  You can trust us to provide you with the maintenance services you need in a timely and friendly manner so you can focus on enjoying your BBQs without interruption. Maintenance should be done as needed and can be combined with cleaning and repair services.