Using your Barbeque

Using your Barbeque

  • To prevent excessive gas build-up, when using a match, always light the match before turning on the gas. If the barbeque is equipped with an electronic igniter, follow the directions on the control panel.

  • Both propane and natural gas flames should be mostly blue with yellow tips. If the flame is mostly yellow, do not use the barbeque. Contact BBQ Experts.

  • Prevent grease from dripping onto the hoses or cylinder. Grease build-up is a fire hazard.

  • If your BBQ flame isn’t at its full potential, there could be a result of one or many reasons including :

  • BBQ burners may have deteriorated or could be clogged
  • Regulator may be faulty
  • Manifold may be blocked
  • Your BBQ may just need a good clean and service
  • Never store extra propane cylinders under or near your barbeque. Excess heat may overpressure the cylinder and cause it to release propane from the cylinder relief valve.

  • Make sure children stay away from the barbeque.

  • Never use a barbeque indoors; doing so causes a build-up of poisonous carbon monoxide gas.

  • After barbequing, make sure the barbeque is turned off and the burner flames are out. Also make sure the gas supply is turned off and the lid is closed.